deer-tokki: SHINee World Japan update ☆ 180810 It was Minho who…


SHINee World Japan update ☆ 180810

It was Minho who took this pictures (laughs)
Minho was crunching on purple yam chips the whole time the MV shoot saying, “So good! It’s really good!”
Perhaps he thought of something when Key sat down next to him and saw his head from above so he put one chip on Key’s head and…

And put another [on his head]…

He couldn’t stop laughing seeing Key’s head like that, he blurted out to Key, “Give me your phone” and snapped a photo (laughs).

He was laughing all through out this.


“It looks like a CF / CM for something! Amazing! Maybe you have talent here! (*Key’s head)” [Minho] was so delight (laughs).
[Seeing] Key like that, Minho continued eating the purple yam chips looking a little happy.

Just a short anecdote about the two 91 liners who despite saying their personalities are complete opposites, in the end get along well ^^

FYI these purple yam chips have become one of Minho’s favorite snacks. When we provided them for different shoot hat came after this shoot, he hogged it and ate it all by himself (laughs).



translation: mredwardsanders