For the appreciation tag: stretch marks I always liked to see them, I think they were important to him too.

Stretch marks important to Jonghyun? They were his favorite…and he used them as a metaphor every single chance he got. ㅎㅅㅎ

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Esquire 2017:  translation: sullaem

Jonghyun: The reason I had no choice but to do it was because I had (emotional) scars. I’m not just talking about the scars that have been inflicted on me as an entertainer. I’m talking about scars I’ve received as I’ve lived my life. The scars I collect as I continue to live my life. In the words I often use — growing pains. You know how people get stretch marks when they suddenly have a growth spurt? I have stretch marks on my waist, too. When I was young, I once wondered why it was that people had to grow. It was because I didn’t like seeing these stretch marks on myself. “If only I could have just stayed the same as I was when I was little, I wouldn’t have gotten these unsightly stretch marks. I wouldn’t have had to go through these growing pains. Why is it that we’re forced to grow?”

Blue Night Radio 170329: translation: cosmicsticks

Go young bae: What is blue night to Jonghyun today?
Jonghyun: Stretch marks. Why do you think we have stretch marks? it’s when we grow all of a sudden. it’s hard to get rid of them and, even if you try to revert to your previous image, i think what remains is those marks. to that extent …, when there’s a sudden change that cuases growth, even though it causes me some pain, isn’t blue night something that leaves me with that much? growing pains, growth, and evidence of it? (…) i think i speak really well.

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It’s just a wild guess…but I could imagine that he wrote prose about ♡these stretch marks ♡ in his freetime….back stretch mark twinsies ㅎㅅㅎ ♡ 6v6

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