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the story by jonghyun (day x) ♡ 151018

jonghyun: are there any couples who came today? [a guy raises his hand] oh? are you a couple? can someone please pass him the mic? hi~.
taesun: hi.
jonghyun: you’re handsome. he’s handsome! what’s your name?
taesun: i’m nervous.
jonghyun: oh, mr. “i’m nervous”. is your surname “ner”?
taesun: i’m nervous because there aren’t many guys here …
jonghyun: there’s me so don’t be too nervous. what’s your name?
taesun: tae sun.
jonghyun: tae sun? oh~, taesun?! wait! taesun-ssi! did you come with your girlfriend?
taesun: yes, yes.
jonghyun: there may be people who don’t know who tae sun is, can i tell them?
taesun: yes.
jonghyun: he’s taemin’s older brother. did you come with your girlfriend?
taesun: yes.
jonghyun: how long have you guys been together?
taesun: pretty long. it’s been four hundred days now.
jonghyun: how did you meet your girlfriend?
taesun: through a friend of mine.
jonghyun: so, a blind date?
taesun: yes. it was march 2nd.
jonghyun: i guess one needs to have a good memory like him in order to have a girlfriend. did you fall in love at first sight?
taesun: yes, i feel in love at first sight.
jonghyun: who confessed their love first?
taesun: i did.
jonghyun: so jealous…, how did you do it? this is so interesting.
taesun: i confessed while buying her pork belly.
jonghyun: wow, isn’t that great? feeding her, feeding her meat first…, slicing it…, wrapping it up in lettuce…, can we hand over the mic to your girlfriend? hi~.
taesun’s girlfriend: hi.
jonghyun: are you feeling uncomfortable?
taesun’s girlfriend: it’s embarrassing.
jonghyun: why? you’re with your handsome boyfriend. how did you feel when he first confessed his love?
taesun’s girlfriend: i felt a little bitter at first.
jonghyun: then?
taesun’s girlfriend: i ended up saying “okay”.
jonghyun: because of his endless efforts, right?
taesun’s girlfriend: yes, buying me pork belly.
jonghyun: would you like to take this opportunity and tell something to your boyfriend?
taesun’s girlfriend: thank you for feeding me well and i love you.
jonghyun: wow~. isn’t she so great? her expression is so cool and calm. taesun-ssi, do you have something to say?
taesun: i date her because she’s like this.
jonghyun: (dying of jealousy) to be honest, i don’t really like couples but since you’re hyung of taemin who i consider as my brother i will sing you a congratulating song. since you’re a couple i will sing “love belt”. (source: thatcoolcatmeow)